How many photos can we take during our event?Bride & Groom IN the booth
All photo booth rental packages include unlimited photos for your event.

Will there be an attendant there with the booth at all times?
We will do way better than that and send you TWO attendants! We always send two attendants for optimal use of the booth and to make sure everything goes just as planned.

How many people fit into a photo booth?
Our Traditional Cozy Booth fits 2-5 adults comfortably and our Party Booth fits up to 16 people (probably more!!)

Will I be able to see all of the photos that were taken in the booth at my event?
Yes! This is one of the best reasons to use a digital photo booth. Not only will your guests receive a printed copy of their pictures, but Photo Booth Rentals of Chicagoland will provide you with a custom flash drive that evening with all the photos from your event! The flash drive containing photos is included in every rental package.

Can you bring a booth to an outdoor event?
Absolutely! We do many events outdoors! We just need to have access to an outlet. If it rains, we do need to have an alternate spot ready to protect our booth (under a tent – provided by the customer, in a garage, etc.)

Can you choose either black and white or color?
Photos are available in black and white or in color. Guests are able to select their preference when they enter the booth.

Does the photo booth print out pictures on the spot like the ones at the mall?
Yes, with higher speed and greater quality than traditional photo booths, pictures are printed in only 15 seconds! We print on professional quality photo paper that even you spill a little something on them, they will not be ruined!

How does it work?
Guests enter the booth and press a button to begin. Then, smile and strike a pose! It’s just that easy. For the convenience of your guests, a list of suggested poses is posted on all of our photo booths to add to the fun!

How many photos does it take?
Each photo session takes four photos, which are printed on one strip of paper.

How long does it take to get your prints?
Because we use digital technology, your photos are printed in just 15 seconds.

How many photos do you get?
Four photos are printed on a strip of paper. Two copies of each session are printed.

My event is on the third floor… do you have a photo booth that will fit into a standard elevator?
Yes, the booth will fit in most elevators.

What if there is no elevator?IMG_4107
We charge a $50 stair fee for more than 5 steps.

What is your reservation policy?
Our booths are available by reservation only. A $200 nonrefundable deposit is required to hold the date with the remaining balance due on the evening of the event.

How much room do you need?
Please allow a minimum of an 8’ x 8’ space for our Traditional Cozy Booth and 15’ x 10’ for our Party Booth.

What are the electricity requirements?
Dedicated access to one standard outlet within 50’ of the booth is required unless arrangements are made in advance.

Do I need to provide anything?
Just a couple of tables: an 8’ table for props; and another small table for guests to sign your custom scrapbook (if applicable).




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